Get On A Bike To Lose Weight

Few exercises can compete with riding a bicycle. It’s an easy form of transportation we all learn as children. It’s fun and enjoyable. Biking involves minimal equipment. And while it’s a great way to get outdoors during the warmer months, there are alternatives that let you keep up your routine if the weather outside tries to stop you. This is just the tip of the iceberg though.  If you’ve been thinking about taking up biking, read on for reasons why it’s great for weight loss.
This first one is obvious, but going on a bike ride burns calories. You might not know just how many though. If you ride a bicycle an hour a day, even at a leisurely pace of thirteen to fifteen miles per hour, you’ll burn off more than a pound every week.

Alright so you knew riding your bicycle burned calories, but did you know that it kept your body burning calories long after your ride is over? After a ride, your body needs to continuously work to repair and replenish the muscles that were employed in the exercise. This doesn’t end simply because you’re back on the couch. Usually, as little as thirty minutes on a bike a day can raise  your body’s ability to burn through calories long after you finished.

Biking regularly strengthens your body’s biggest muscles. It benefits your quads, hamstrings, glutes and hip muscles. As this lean muscle grows bigger it begins competing with your fat cells for nutrients. When these larger muscles win out, your fat is forced to go way.

Not only will you build larger muscles, you’ll build bigger muscles. That’s because the long term, steady exercise creates hundreds of thousands of capillaries in those aforementioned muscles. These capillaries help deliver more blood to those muscles while they’re working. The fat burning mitochondria in these muscles get bigger as well, with the upshot being that they tear through more fat and supply you with more energy.

If you’re not yet getting the point that biking is great for burning fat, here’s another. When you bike for long periods of time at a consistent rate, the amount of fatty-acid binding proteins in your body increases. This helps the body to stop those fatty acids from being stored in the first place. It does the same thing by creating more fat-carrying enzymes as well.

If you don’t like getting outside in the sun and fresh air, catching a bit of a tan and doing a fun activity, the above results should be enough to convince you riding a bicycle is a great idea. Losing weight can be difficult, but with a bike it can be easier and fun.

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